Received my first 1 star review today, on Goodreads, for Prophecy's Queen.


Yes, I know these will come, but since the six other reviews on three other websites have all been 5 stars, and literally ALL the comments I've received from beta readers, ARC readers, and those who have been early adopters have been extremely positive, this was a real shocker.

It had to happen.

I'm not surprisedĀ it's on Goodreads from everything I hear about that site. Hopefully someone over there who has read it and enjoyed it will post an offsetting review, sinceĀ it will take quite a lot of 4 and 5 star reviews to erase the impact of that brutal 1 star review...

I've been told that every 1 star review results in 1000 fewer books sold... that's the harsh reality of the review system, but we all live with it.

I'm over it.

Moving on. your social media marketing partner