Hi Everyone,

I'm very excited to report to you that Prophey's Queen, the prequel novella to The Triadine Saga, is now published on all major eBook sellers. The Print version will be live on Amazon in the next 24 hours.

I'm very pleased with this book. It originally started out as just a simple bit of back-story that described how Princess Rozlynn married Kind Leondis and this resulted in the birth of the twins. The more I started to detail the story, the more fun and exciting it became. Prophecy's Queen is the result of that work, and I'm very happy with it.

It's a novella. That means it's short, only about 130 pages. I decided to give it away in order to introduce people to The Triadine Saga, and to me as an author.  That means it is free on all major book sellers today!

The ebook is free in the following online stores:

Amazon has not listed the book as free as of the time I'm writing this, but they will. If you wish to download the book from Amazon, use their "Report a Lower Price" link, and they will match the price on the other online stores. I'm still working to get them to lower it, so it might be ready by the time you read this.

If you have friends you think would enjoy the book, you can send them to any of the online stores, or give them this link http://tiny.cc/pqueen-free which will also let them sign up for my Readers List and get announcements like this one. 

Thank you again for all your support, and I hope you enjoy Prophecy's Queen.

With warm regards,


PS The Watcher's Keep is going through a professional edit, and the result is a tighter, more professional publication.  I'm very excited about that as well, as I want to bring you the best stories, in the most professional manner possible!

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