This letter came in from a reader, in response to a book giveaway and my auto-responder asking for a review after the reader had a month with The Watcher's Keep.  I asked him if I could reprint it without his name. He agreed, so here it is.  I enjoyed it, and I hope you do as well.



Dear Mr. Bond,

I wanted to thank you again for the free copy of the book you send me on January 18th.  I really love the story, and though I am not a fast reader, I find that I read longer when I enjoy what I’m reading. I’ve read more from your book than anything else I’ve picked up this last year.

I received your request for a review posting, but I have not finished the book yet so I’m not sure I should write a review. If I had to give you one it would be 6 stars! I know the system can only to go 5, but your books is better than that.

Can I tell you something?

When you send your follow up email asking for a review, I thought you were a little pushy. I read it several times before it hit me, that as an independent, self-published author you NEED people like me to write reviews for your books so that people BUY your books. Wow!  I never thought about that before. That’s right isn’t it?

You should tell that in your request for a review to.

I promise, when I finish your book I will write a review and post it on every place you list on your website that you sell your books.  I have already bought the Dragon Rises from amazon and am waiting for Prophecys Queen to be there so I can buy those to.

And I have one more advise for you. Wait a little longer before you send out your review request, because there are lots of people like me who don’t read very fast. Maybe you can put something in your book that tells you when someone has reached the end. Is that possible?  I read on my Paperwhite and there are all these links and things in the books. That might help to.

Thank you again for choosing me to get a free copy, and i promise I will write reviews for all your books when I finish with them.

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