I recently received advice from a number of published authors, some highly respected, that told me NOT to read reviews posted by my readers.

I must admit I was shocked at this bit of advice.

I value every review, from every reader of my books - every one.

If someone who has read my books loves them, that of course makes me feel wonderful.

If someone who has read my books doesn't love them, I try to understand why and hope they have spelled it out in their review.

If someone posts a review about one of my books and has not read more than the first chapter or two, I take that into consideration when I read what they wrote as well.

I don't expect everyone who reads my books to love them, and I know some will actually hate them and will not even finish reading them.  I'm OK with that.  

People have different tastes in story-telling, they like different types of books, some want more violence, some want less. Some people want more sex, others want none. Some people want to read about intrigue and be crossed up by characters who change sides in a struggle, or who are not whom they seem to be - and others want a story to be predictable to the very end.

It is all good!  

Trust me when I say I understand, and I appreciate every word you write in response to reading one of my books.

I will read every review I can find.  I will take away the things I can, apply some of them to either a rewrite or the next book as appropriate, and I will leave behind the things that do not apply.

You write reviews and I will read them.  I promise.  I will not respond, as that is not the right forum for dialog with a reader, but I will read them, and I do appreciate each and every one!

If you find things like typos in one of my books, please feel free to email me directly. My email address is in every one of my books, and it is my personal email address, not an address for an agent or an admin. I read each and every email personally, and will reply to every one myself.


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