I recently updated both The Watcher's Keep and The Dragon Rises, correcting some mistakes, changing some annoying capitalization, spelling errors and a few other minor things. 

Anyone who purchased the books will get a free update from the online store where you bought the book, including our store here.

The print version of both books was also updated, and though I cannot do anything about sending you another print version, I am happy to say the price has been reduced on The Watcher's Keep as a result of the changes.

That said, I made a mistake when releasing the MOBI format of The Dragon Rises to Amazon, and a dozen of you downloaded the book, only to get The Watcher's Keep inside!  I am SO SO sorry!  If this happened to you, don't worry, the updated content has been replaced at Amazon and should be available immediately.

If you would like a copy before the update is available, just email me a copy of your purchase receipt and I'll give you a coupon for a free MOBI download here at our online store.

So sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope you all enjoy the story! your social media marketing partner