I should write a book LOL

As a self-published author, it seems the thing I do poorly is sell myself and my books.  It's a challenge that all of us face, whether self or trade published, but the self-published author has no one to blame but himself.  The trade published author can at least blame the publisher for not promoting his work to the best of their ability.

We who self publish have no such luxury.

So what have I done instead of writing the last few weeks?

  1. Gave away print books on Goodreads and asked for reviews. Received one on Goodreads.
  2. Took out several Goodreads ads
  3. Gave away eBooks on LibraryThing and asked for reviews. Received one on Amazon and Goodreads.
  4. Took out several Facebook ads and boosted several Facebook posts
  5. Posted on Facebook and Twitter and let people know about my giveaways
  6. Joined a dozen websites and posted my book(s) for visibility or took part in their one-day sales promotions.
  7. Took out AdWords ads
  8. Sent email to 250 Amazon Book Reviewers, offering them free eBooks in return for reviews - no obligation of course. A few accepted. It will be some time before any of them actually read and review my books though, as most have dozens of books already lined up...
  9. Changed all my Amazon keywords, blurb and updated The Watcher's Keep to Revision 1.2.
  10. Ran a special for $0.99 for The Watcher's Keep until March 15th
  11. Ran a limited time ad where I gave away The Watcher's Keep ebook for FREE if you signed up for my mailing list
  12. Finished this website - if a website is every really finished
  13. Bought advertising that was "guaranteed to sell more books" and of course that was hyperbole and not really a guarantee.  No bump in sales.  No refund as the small print was clear that the guarantee was not really a guarantee.
  14. Bought some marketing tools and books, read them, tried to use some of their techniques - though most do not apply to me.  Had to file one PayPal dispute as the purchased software was really vaporware.... that was fun.
  15. Joined a special week long sale on Smashwords - which has so far resulted in .... count them... no additional sales. This was sort of like their "Reader Sets The Price" program - where I "sold" several hundred books for.... you guessed it. $0  Reader sets the price and it's FREE!  Surprise, surprise.
  16. Participated - without selling - on half a dozen Internet forums that talk about writing, publishing and all things related to books.  This is supposed to increase user awareness of you as an author. You don't talk about YOUR books, but participate as a user of the forum... OK.... I hope these people at least don't block forum signatures.

I'm sure there are more things that I've done in the marketing side in the last few weeks that I've forgotten for now, but it's time to get back to writing.

Peter and Alex are in the middle of their adventure and dying for me to tell their story.

Before I can do that, I need to finish telling Princess Rozlynn's story about why she decided to undergo the Change, marry King Leondis and give birth to the twins.  It's a compelling story - a love story tied up with a duty to her people and The Prophecy.  

Writing is what I do best.  I hope that you who appreciate that will also help spread the word, write reviews, tell your friends, and buy my books.  That is after all, what allows me to keep on writing.

Read more books!

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