I'm very pleased to announce that The Dragon Rises, Book 2 in the Triadine Saga, has been released now in all formats.

It can be purchased from all major eBook retailers, or in print form from CreateSpace, Amazon or Popular Books in Asia.

Prophecy's Queen will be coming out next, in early April. This novella tells the story of Queen Rozlynn, the Elven Princess who marries King Leondis Tarbane, a Human King, in order to birth the twin Children of the Prophecy.

Rozlynn goes against the wishes of her people and triggers the events that she believes will result in the proper line of prophecy being followed. If she has guessed wrongly however, the future of the world may be in great peril.

It's a love story, driven first by a great need to help her people, and then ultimately by her love for a man she never thought she could care for.

Join Rozlynn and a number of your favorite characters from The Watcher's Keep and The Dragon Rises to find out how it all started, before reading A Kingdom Fallen to find out where it's all going next!   
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