I'm very pleased to announce the following winners of FREE BOOKS from the Reader List. Be sure to sign up for your chance to win in our giveaways!

Here are the winners and the book they chose!

  • P. Morgan - A Kingdom Fallen
  • C.B. Owen - Prophecy's Queen Audio
  • M. Marks - The Dragon Rises
  • K. Donahue - The Dragon Rises
  • M. Morgan (Not related to P) - A Kingdom Fallen

Congratulations to the winners!

A quick update on The Goddess of Paladian.  I know I'm late with the next installment in The Triadine Saga, and I do apologize. This is without a doubt the best book so far though, so I know you won't be disappointed when it is available!  I'll be giving my Reader List members an early warning and a discount when the book is released, so be sure to sign up to the Readers List.

Keep on reading!



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