A Kingdom Fallen is written!

Now comes the fun part.

I've gone through it with the spell checker (i after e except if you are dyslexic).

I've let the grammar police tell me that I have run-on sentences and that my dialog often contains less than a full sentence...yup, it does.

Now I'm applying the edits that my wonderful editor suggested for the last three books - 


And if all goes well, I'll have the book in her hands for her final review and edits next week!

Thank you all for your patience. The kind words you have shared with me in emails, on Facebook and on Twitter, have really helped me drive to the finish line here.

Will it be out in time for Christmas?  I will do everything in my power to see that this is so!

Work has already begun on Goddess of Paladian, and this one will go faster, that I promise!

Happy Turkey Day everyone, and may your life be interesting and full of adventure. your social media marketing partner