My full time job has me flying all around the world, and I spend time in the plane writing and editing. I can be fairly productive, and occasionally I meet someone who enjoys fantasy, so we'll talk about books, my books, and the writing process.

This week I was putting the final touches on A Kingdom Fallen on a flight from North Carolina to San Francisco. The woman next to me asked if I was a writer. I shared with her that I was, and that's why there were dragons and Elves in the work on my screen :)

We talked about my books, and the process, and she said she was interested in fantasy and would look me up. I told her that Prophecy's Queen was currently free to download, and she went online using the airline Wifi and grabbed a copy!

While I was writing and editing, she was reading the prequel and as it's a fast read, she finished before the end of the 5 hour flight.

She said she loved it, and immediately bought The Watcher's Keep to continue with the story!

Such fun!

She had some questions for me, and we talked about where the story was going - without me giving away any secrets of course.

I really enjoy little meetings like this, and hope that you all experience the joy that I feel when reading, writing, editing, and sharing the story of Peter and Alexandra with the world.

-Timothy your social media marketing partner