My first book is 270,000 words. I've been told by professional editors that a 270,000 word book is too long.

Is it really?

The story is rich and full, the characters are interesting, there are multiple story lines that intertwine and it takes place in a new world that has a rich history.

Do you really want to read about this story in three distinct books at only 80,000 words each?

I hate the trend toward shorter and shorter eBooks. Yes, it allows the author to charge $3.99 and sell you three separate books rather than charge more for one longer book, but is that what readers really want?

As an avid fan of both Fantasy and Science Fiction, I detest the book I can read in four hours. That 70,000 word long-novella is not what I want when I curl up in the corner with my eReader.

What do you think? Are you happy with the trend toward shorter and shorter books? It limits the cost to a trade publishing house, and so longer manuscripts get rejected often solely on length, and not on content or value. your social media marketing partner