One of the side effects of targeting less developed countries with Facebook ads promoting my books, is I start to get comments and queries from people in these countries. As someone who has lived overseas, I find this very cool.

Here's one I'll share with you I recently received.

"i realy glad 2 find u fantasy prophecys queen 4 free download in my country enlish is not strong 2 me but i luv ur book and by the rest when i get paid tk u 4 many time reading pleasure my enlish will better when i finish"

I sent him a reply and gifted him the The Watcher's Keep... It's a 270,000 word monster so he will have plenty to read. Maybe he will figure out where the "." key is as well :)

His reply to me? Well I'll let you decide if I did the right thing or not.

"i nvr thot u 2 give 2 me ur book i want just 2 tell u how much i luv it i cry now my tears r happy so much i tk u!"

Some things in this world are priceless. your social media marketing partner