In this critically acclaimed Epic Fantasy, a young boy and girl are thrown into a battle that will change their destiny forever.  Elves, dwarves, dragons, wizards, humans and more are bound together in conflict, love, paranoia, and power struggles with the world in the balance.

The Watchers long ago abandoned their sworn duty to monitor and suppress the powers of Khollaran, an evil wizard, locked away in a distant prison at the end of the First Age. As his power grows, an ancient and dire prophecy appears to be coming true.

The Guardians take actions to try to stop the Dark Wizard, putting young Peter and Alexandra in the middle of the greatest conflict since the Breaking of the World.

As The Children of the Prophecy, the twins will be tasked with a near impossible quest to recover the pieces of the fabled Triadine and unite the races in a battle to destroy the growing evil, without destroying the world in the process.

The eBook is available in ePub, Kindle/MOBI and PDF format, while a paperback print book is also available.

The Watcher's Keep eBook can be ordered from your favorite online bookseller. Select the link below to go directly to the page in your bookstore of choice. A paperback version is also available.


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