A Kingdom Fallen is Book 3 in the Triadine Saga.

In this continuation of the epic fantasy series–The Triadine Saga–Peter is desperately in love with the beautiful Lady Olivia. After rescuing her from the Goblins and the Brotherhood of Khall, he is hopeful that she will return his love, though she believes she owes her salvation to another man.

Alexandra has been captured by the Gaerwitch, a Wiccan Sorceress who can be either friend or foe. She  was instrumental in assisting Princess Rozlynn in Prophecy’s Queen,  which ultimately led to the birth of the twins and the death of Alexandra’s mother.

The separate armies of the Pulat, Al-Ashal and the Dark Wizard grow stronger every day, as the world grows closer to another Great War pitting good versus evil for domination of the world.

The great Dragon Lord Barak wields expanding power over thousands of disciples who wish only to return to a time when the Dragon Lords ruled the world.

As the armies of men come together in the inevitable battle for power between the Kingdom of  Aren and the Free Cities, who will prevail?

Will the Children of The Prophecy get the chance to fulfill their destiny, or will evil destroy light and plunge the world into a thousand years of darkness?

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